Is your Mailbox Filled with Junk Mail?

Is your mailbox filled with junk mail? “Going green” isn’t always about making a drastic change. Most times a simple change can seriously help the environment. Today so much paper waste is a result of junk mail. We all get it. And most of the times we have no idea what to do with it. Sometimes it feels like the only thing I get in the mail are catalogs or coupon booklets. The New York Times environment blog recently posted a great article on how to deal with with junk mail.

Direct mail companies advertise that direct mail accounts for “only” 2.4 percent of trash in landfill in the United States. And that the recycling of direct mail has in fact increased 700 percent since 1990.

I’m not too sure about you but direct mail accounts for close to 95 percent of the stuff in my mailbox. And I deposit it in the recycling bin without a glance. Plus is it just me? Or is it particularly bad this time of year? Just this week I got thick mailings from closet reorganizers, flower delivery services, credit card companies, furniture stores and even pet supply companies. Funny thing is I don’t even own a pet! 

It is hard to believe that only 2.4 percent of landfills are direct mail. 

Over the last few years various states and cities have considered bills that would create a “Do Not Mail” registry allowing customers to opt out of junk mail. But the Direct Marketing Association has vigorously lobbied against such legislation, promoting the benefits of direct mail for “consumers, businesses and the economy.’’

In the meantime, you can try to limit the flow of catalogs piecemeal, as I did this week, by signing up for services like catalog choice and DMAchoice But wait! The latter is run by the Direct Marketing Association, which has lobbied against the creation of Do Not Mail lists.

A site called Ecocyle offers ten easy steps, among them calling 1-800-No-THANKS, on how to deal with junk mail. Ecocycle has even more good tips  and if you are serious about junk mail they are worth checking out.

Tells us how you deal with junk mail at your house. Personally I prefer to keep in touch with businesses on social media or with enewsletters. And there are a lot of businesses out there that prefer to share their offerings in a way that doesn’t contribute to a landfill.

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(Image courtesy of NY Times)


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  • So true. I much prefer keeping up with companies via the internet. Less clutter in my house and better for the environment!

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  • I think most of us despise the amount of junk mail that we receive. Not only is it an environmental issue but it takes time to go through it and weed out what you need to keep. This is time that could be well spent doing other things. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming!

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