New! Nail Care Products at StocknGo

Psst! Guess what? StocknGo now has nail care items. Just in time, too: It’s spring, with summer coming up quickly. I’m ready to get my sandals out and stop covering up my toes. That means, of course, that I need new nail polish… ;) You can save up to 51% off the regular price of nail polish, top coats, and nail and cuticle treatments. Wow! That’s big savings for you! They have quality brands such as OPI, Nailtiques, and Essie. I don’t know about you, but I’m a nail product junkie. I need at least 5 nail polish color choices in my nail care kit at all times, or I start to get anxious. ;)

Here are a few of my favorite colors:

Essie California Coral is a great summer color. It’s a creamy color somewhere between peach and coral, and it looks absolutely great with everything. I love to wear this on my toes when I have on my favorite pair of gold, barely-there sandals. It’s absolutely gorgeous and stylish.

Essie Imported Champagne is classy and elegant. It’s a sparkly light golden beige, and it looks awesome when you want to be subtle and romantic. It transitions from the office to a party with ease.

Essie Fish Net Stockings, on the other hand, knocks you out with color. It’s not subtle: It’s a spicy dark crème red, and it screams ‘Look at me!’ I wear this nail polish color when I want to stand out from the crowd. One warning, though: You’re going to find yourself gesturing dramatically when you use this nail polish. ;)

Essie Exotic Liras is a deep fuchsia. I love this color; I wear it with pinks and lavenders, and I have a lot of those in my closet. It looks great with black, as well. Exotic is right, and sometimes that’s just the look you’re going for. Dress in your most demure, prim outfit and put this nail polish on. It says ‘I’m a lady on the surface, but I’ll keep you guessing’.

Essie Pinking up the Pieces is a lovely spring/summer nail polish color. It goes well with nearly everything, and it’s neither too dark nor too light. I wear this color a lot, and it looks great whether I’m wearing jeans or I’m in my party gear.

What are some of your favorite nail polish colors? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or just leave a comment here.


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