Nutrition Balance For Kids

Nutrition balance for kids mean choosing from range of foods from each food group which gives them all essential nutrients as well as a wide variety and taste. They need the taste as much as the choice so that they are not bored and yet try out all kinds of foods on a regular basis. There are no severe restrictions for kid as there are for adults, at the same time care should be taken to avoid foods that gives them excess and unnecessary energy. Unlike adults, they need moderate amounts of fiber so that all the nutrients are not easily flushed out by the body.

Children, especially, those below 5 years of age, can actually enjoy fatty foods in their diet so it is quite easy to make their meals. This fat can come from dairy products, fish and meats as well as all their favorites like cookies, chocolates and cakes. However, the right balance comes from meals that have touched upon all the essential food groups with special emphasis on the plant-based foods like green vegetables and fruits, legumes and cereals.

Nutrition balance for kids comes from the four main food groups:

Green vegetables and fruits – Green vegetables and fruits form the foundation of the nutritional balance for children of all ages. They are full of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients which help the young bodies grow. They provide just the right amount of fiber to keep their system clear and are sources of powerful antioxidants which help strengthen their immune functions.

Cereals, bread and potatoes – Cereals, bread and potatoes are the evergreen temptations for adults who have to cut down on these starchy foods. But pasta, rice, pies and bread not only make yummy variety meals for children but also provide them with enough fiber, vitamins and minerals that are needed for the busy young bodies. The carbs give them just the right amount of energy that they need to run around and enjoy without going overboard.

Animal and plant proteins – Proteins are the building blocks for the body and children need them in spades. They can get good amounts of protein from all kinds of meat and fish, and from eggs which they should have every day. Along with proteins these are also good sources of minerals like iron and essential vitamins. Pulses can be a good alternative for vegetarians and vegans but everyone can have them.

Milk and milk products – No childhood is complete without a daily dose (or two) of milk. Milk and milk products are the treasure troves of nutrients for the growing bodies and provide them with vitamins and minerals which make them healthy and strong, proteins for better growth and lots of calcium for developing healthy bones and teeth.

A careful planning and choice from these four groups will ensure that the right nutrition balance for kids is maintained regularly. Fatty foods and foods high in sugar content like cakes and pastries, fizzy drinks chips and biscuits should be controlled. Use them as treats so that their intake is less and therefore less toxins get accumulated that can affect later years.



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