Post-Holiday Detox Plan

It’s the Monday after a holiday and many of us are most likely feeling several pounds heavier.  I know I am. So how do we make ourselves feel better about a “few” holiday indulgences and get back on a healthy track? Here are five quick and easy ways to burn off unwanted calories…

  1. Walk: The first thing I do after a big night of food and drink, is wake up and go for a 20 minute walk.  Anyone and everyone, should be able to make time for 20 minutes in the morning.  A brisk walk will immediately make you feel better, will give you more energy, and motivation to eat right throughout the rest of your day.
  2. Cold Shower: When your body is cold it has to work a lot harder to do the same things as when it is warm.  By cooling off with ice or cold water, your body is forced to burn a dramatically larger number of calories.  This is a practically effortless way to burn calories (as long as you can handle the cold), plus the cold water is more hydrating than hot water for your hair and skin.  See author, Timothy Ferris of the 4 Hour Body for more details on “Ice Therapy”.
  3. Mono-Diet: A mono-diet is based on eating only one type of raw fruit or vegetable for an entire day.  The purpose of a mono-diet is to give your digestive system a rest, enabling it to focus on eliminating stored toxins.  My favorite fruit for mono diet is apples (you want to choose something with high water content) and for vegetable is celery.  Every time you get hungry, eat your chosen fruit or vegetable and drink lots of water.  It’s amazing how much better you will feel after just one day.
  4. Detox Tea: A great thing to drink when cleansing out your system other than lots of water, is a quality detox tea.  I use Yogi Detox Tea which uses Burdock, Dandelion and Juniper Berry to help cleanse the liver and kidneys.
  5. Sit-ups, Push-ups, Stair-climbing, Squats: These exercises can be done virtually anywhere, at any time.  No excuses for you! And not only do they burn calories, but they increase your metabolism, and build strength – all around you will feel better about yourself if you can manage to squeeze a few of these exercises in each day.

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