Prepare Your Children for Back to School

It’s almost time to go back to school. Are your kids ready? Prepare them for school and get them enthused about learning with these tips. You can fuel their creativity and start them on the road to a good education. Learning can be enjoyable, and they’ll find this out now when you utilize these tips.

Read aloud to your children. Even if it’s no more than a few minutes a day, it’s an enjoyable thing. You’ll not only teach your child to love reading and learning, you’ll bond and strengthen your relationship. When your child gets old enough to read, have them read to you. Let them pick the book, and you’ll be surprised how much you both will enjoy it.

Keep books, magazines, and lots of reading materials around. If you don’t want to buy them, take a trip to the local library once a week or so. Set aside some time each week that you designate ‘reading time’. If they don’t want to read a regular book, let them read comics or magazines. No matter the genre, it’s all guaranteed to make your child love reading.

Keep crayons and erasable markers around for your child to draw with. Use scrap paper and make collages, or make papier mache figures together. Use washable paint to create paintings together and display them proudly. Set aside some time each week for art, and your child’s creativity will grow. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to art and do artwork score better on school tests.

Take trips to the local museum together. Look at the art, or discuss the history behind exhibits. It’s fun, and it’s a learning experience.

These things aren’t just for fun – they give your child an early interest in learning. This can have a lasting effect on their school performance. Don’t forget to have a good time while you’re doing these things, however. It’s not meant to be deadly dull and serious. Don’t think of it as a job – think of it as entertainment, and they will, too.

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