Product Review: Chi Silk Infusion

I’m constantly looking for easy solutions for how to get shiny hair. You know, the kind in all the shampoo commercials where models are throwing their hair around? That’s what I want. Recently, I’ve been using Chi Silk Infusion and love it.

What’s so special about Chi Silk Infusion? For starters, it works. Just a few drops, a tiny amount, can mean the difference between dull hair and hair that’s so shiny, you’ll look like a shampoo commercial. It’s even great for defeating frizz, and it works beautifully in humidity, too. It smells divine, not too sweet or chemical, so it won’t interfere with your perfume.

Another great part about Chi Silk Infusion is it doesn’t contain alcohol. What does this mean for you? It won’t dry your hair out and it’s safe to use every day if you want to.

You may wonder, how to use Chi Silk Infusion.  I originally put in about a dime to nickel size amount right after rough towel drying. I also heard somewhere that people apply it halfway through their blowdry, so I tried that too.  Quite honestly, I really can’t tell the difference.  I end up using less of the product when my hair is half dry, but it doesn’t make much of a difference.

So if you want that shiny commercial hair look I definitely recommend Chi Silk Infusion. It’s easy to use and makes a huge difference in looks and gives you healthy hair. Head over to Stock N’ Go for the best prices on all health and beauty products. Also, let me know if you have any other tips for shiny hair by leaving a comment below.


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