Reader Submitted Summer Beauty Tips

Different beauty rules apply during the long hot days of summer. Not too long ago, I asked readers for their favorite summer beauty tips. Makeup, hair care, and skin care are different during the summer, and all come with their own distinct problems. You know the problems I’m talking about – your makeup melting off in the heat and humidity, your hair drying out, etc. etc. I got a lot of great tips from readers and friends, and I thought I’d share them all with you.

Summer Eye Care Tips

Andrea from Twitter says that her favorite thing to do for tired, puffy eyes is lie down and cover them with cucumber slices. You relax, the swelling goes down, and they smell like summer.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare, says Rebecca. If you switch between several pairs, you’ll be less likely to get that unflattering ‘goggle’ pattern around your eyes.

Waterproof mascara is a must, says Janet. You can swim in it, you can exercise in it, and you can exert yourself in the hot sun without your eye makeup running down your face. It’s a summer essential.

Go light on the eye shadow, Eileen tells me. Use a shimmering powder in a neutral color. It will accent your summer tan and you’ll look naturally beautiful.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Make sure to deep condition your hair once a week. It keeps your hair shiny and healthy looking, not dull or lifeless. We all love the summer sun, but it does tend to dry out our hair.

If you swim frequently, use some leave-in conditioner about an hour before you swim to combat the damage that chlorinated water can do to your hair.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Drink a lot of water, says Julie. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day, but you should drink more than that if you’re going to be outside a lot or if you’re exerting yourself in the hot sun. It gives your skin a fresh glow, and makes it healthier from the inside out.

Ellen says that she fills a spray mister with cold water, adds an ice cube to keep it cold, and spritzes her face with it. It serves the dual purpose of cooling her off and keeping her makeup fresh. (I’m going to try this one. The heat makes me turn red as a tomato, and I’m curious to know if this will help.)

Julie says she uses tinted lip balm in a light color instead of lipstick during the summer. She still gets that pop of color, but she looks natural, not overly made up. The light color makes her tan look great, she says.

So, what do you think? Are these some great tips, or what? I’m going to try several of them and see if they work for me. If you’ve got any summertime beauty tips, make sure to leave a comment on our Facebook page , send them to me on twitter, or leave a comment on this blog.

Oh, and here’s a tutorial for colorful summer makeup that I found. I thought you might enjoy it.


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