Redken Hair Products Sale!!

Stockn’Go currently has over 65 different Redken products in stock and is offering up to 28% off ALL Redken Brands!! Take advantage of this HUGE sale on one of the best hair product brands in the market.  Redken offers a complete line of Redken Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling and Finishing Aids, all guaranteed to deliver a promising fashion sense.  Here are a few hair tips from on how these products can fit your every need!

Sun Protection: Protect your hair with Color Extend Sun’s Solar Screen SPF 12. Apply at least 30 minutes before sun exposure for optimum protection against the effects of damaging UV rays.

Hot Tools Protection: Everytime you use a hot tool you should always start with a heat-protection product as the high temperatures of our devices can cause damage and breakage to your hair.  Check out the appropriate Redken heat styling product, to maximize your hair safety.

Shower Maintenance: Redken’s haircare systems contain a unique technology that that repairs hair from the inside out with an exclusive blend of ingredients including Keralink, amino acids and protein.  As a result, Redken’s shampoos and conditioners have a progressive effect on the hair, with benefits accumulating as long as there are damaged areas of the fiber for the ingredients to be attracted to. With repeated chemical services, the use of heat styling tools, plus everyday wear and tear from washing, brushing and environmental aggressors, damage is an ongoing concern that Redken’s products are formulated to address.

Refresh & Detox: Break free from the daily haircare routine, detox and replenish to rebalance hair.  Redken’s Nature’s Rescue system helps maximize the effectiveness of other professional haircare products and is designed to be used daily, weekly or on alternate days with your other favorite Redken haircare regimen for a complete, healthy-looking hair solution.

At Home Deep Conditioning Treatments: Within each of Redken’s haircare family, Redken offers treatment products that range from deep conditioners to products with styling benefits. These at home treatments continue the salon-experience by fortifying hair. Hair loses protein over time which can be accelerated by mechanical and chemical damage. As a result, hair becomes porous and straw-like in feel and appearance. When hair is damaged, cuticle fibers stand up away from the hair shaft making hair dull and frizzy. Redken at-home treatments deep condition to help smooth and flatten the cuticle layers replenishing protein without buildup for hair that has a smoother, shinier, healthier appearance.

Combat Thinning: Thinning hair is a common occurance but the solution is out there. If this applies to you or someone you know, be sure to talk to your stylist to find out if Redken’s Intra Force System or Redken Thickening Lotion is right for you.



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