Save Money This Holiday Season

The extra money that we spend is often a worry when holidays come around. Dinners, gifts, and holiday parties often don’t come cheap. What if we just don’t have the extra cash to spend? And what if we don’t want to spend a fortune, but don’t want to put a damper on our holiday cheer?

Fortunately, there are ways that we can keep costs down without feeling as if we’re ruining the holidays for everyone. Here are a few things you can do to keep the holidays from putting the bite on your wallet:

Making Gifts: The holidays aren’t always about who gets the biggest, most expensive gift. Giving and receiving true gifts from those we love is a beautiful thing. Making gifts and giving them away can be more meaningful and touching than a gift bought from a store. When my children were young, we made candy and cookies to give away, because they were inexpensive. Later on, when we could afford to buy gifts, we kept up the practice because the gifts were received with so much pleasure. That increased our pleasure in the holidays, as well.

When you give out home made gifts, presentation is everything. Candy presented in a tissue lined box tied with a ribbon is much better than if it were thrown into a plastic bag or container. It doesn’t taste better, but it looks better, and that makes it a better present.

Doing a Gift Exchange: If you normally buy presents for everyone in your family or circle of friends, why not do a gift exchange? You set a price limit, everyone gets a gift, and you all save money. We do this regularly, and we have a party to exchange them. We have a lovely time, and no one is ever disappointed. We find it increases our holiday cheer instead of decreasing it. It’s really not about the amount of gifts you receive.

Have a holiday party where everyone brings a dish
: Instead of having one person front the cost of your holiday party, make it a pot luck. Everyone brings a dish, whether it be candies, cookies, or those yummy meatballs your Aunt Trudy makes. Serve dinner buffet style.

Do you have any ideas for saving money this year during the holidays? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or leave me a comment here on the blog.

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