Go Green: Secrets to Crayon Recycling

Is there anyone who didn’t play with Crayons when they were young? They were so fun! Ok so maybe I had a trouble staying in the lines. Who didn’t? It turns out your old favorite toys can be recycled when they get down to the nub. But how can Crayons really make your life more green?

Crayola’s new Crayon Maker melts down used crayons to form new ones in three easy steps, allowing the creation of solid colors, multicolors, all of them eliminating the need to throw away perfectly functional crayons that would have ended up in the garbage. And perhaps in the digestive tracts of birds.

It’s supposed to be for kids to teach them recycling, but feel free to go ahead and borrow it.

Now you can release your inner child by using crayons and go green! Just wish this was around in the 80s….

(Image courtesy of geekosystem)



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  • What a great gift idea for someone of any age, especially children who love to draw.

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