Shampoos and Conditioners for Brunettes

There’s been a recent resurgence in brunette and dark hair in Hollywood, and that means my brown locks are now in fashion. After years of being upstaged by blondes, I’m now IN. It’s about time, I say.

Perhaps because of this sudden brunette popularity, there are lots of companies that now make hair products specifically for brunettes. I was skeptical, at first. A shampoo and conditioner made just for brunettes? How could a shampoo make your brown hair look better? I mean, shinier is better, but blondes can get shiny hair, too. Surely this was just a marketing ploy.

I really like TIGI hair products, so I decided to start with them. They make quality hair products that aren’t ultra expensive, and every one I’ve tried, I’ve liked. They’re good for your hair, and their names crack me up. (I know that’s not really important in a hair care product. It’s just a bonus, as far as I’m concerned.)

I just tried TIGI Bed Head Brunette Goddess Shampoo and Brunette Goddess Conditioner. And I’m now a convert. It did make my brown hair look better. The color seemed richer, somehow, with more depth and highlights. The bottle says that it enriches the color of my hair, and my brunette hair did seem enhanced and brighter.

The nutrient-rich formula gives me great shine and my hair is very smooth. It also left my hair soft and silky. Brunette Goddess is color safe, so you can use it daily, even if your hair is highlighted or color treated. It has natural sunflower extracts (which is what helps keep your color from fading) and that protects your hair against harmful UV rays. It has an absolutely luscious, deliciously rich, almond fragrance. I loved it. Awesome!

Has anyone tried this? Or how about TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo? (snicker) Let me know on twitter, facebook, or just leave me a comment here on the blog.


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