Skin Care Round the Year

Skin care should not be relegated into any particular season or month because we don’t stop exposing our skin to the elements or worse at any point of time.  The skin has to face the anomalies of nature, weather and pollution round the year which is why we it is important to carry on with skin care round the year as well. It is not as difficult as it sounds because one has to do some really simple exercises to make sure that the skin gets all the necessary nourishments it needs and receives all the tender loving care that will make it shine and glow at all times.

Tips on skin care round the year:

Tip #1Sunscreen – You cannot go without a sunscreen at any point in time. Note it down as the golden rule for skin care. The sun may shine hotter in summer but it does shine in winter as well as and the harmful UV rays are at work round the year, across all seasons. Make sure your skin is protected whenever you step out in the sun. Try out the Ambi Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer or the Neutrogena healthy skin with SPF 15 lotion for best results.

Tip #2Moisturizer – The skin loses it essential oils and moisture constantly, maybe more in winter but also in other seasons. Moisturizing regularly will provide the basic nourishment for the skin and completely do away with the dry and parched look. With the skin looking healthier, looking good even without makeup is not impossible anymore. The Swiss Jardin Vitamin E Lotion or the Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion work very well for round the year skin care.

Tip #3Exfoliation – The skin has pores and they tend to clog with the elements and pollution working actively to ruin skin health. Exfoliating, every once in a while, helps to open up these pores and releases all the clogged oil and dirt from them. The result is a pink and glowing skin which screams good health. The Nair Shower Power is great for regular use because it is gentle and effective at the same time.

Tip #4Massage – The benefits of massage are many and have been known to mankind since time immemorial. One of the key reasons behind various skin issues is stress and there is no greater stress buster than a good massage. Whether you opt for a full body massage or just a facial, a massage will help to loosen all nerves and knots, slowly drain away the stress and completely let the body relax. This relaxation is reflected in a glowing skin which will simply enhance your looks further.

Tip #5Diets – Of course, no skin care routine will be complete unless you are internally healthy as well. The skin acts as a mirror for our inner health so you have to make sure that 85% of your diet includes healthy foods like whole grains, lean meats, lots of fruits and green vegetables as well as lots of water, round the year.



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