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Stockn’Go is an online shopping site  that offers popular beauty, health and household products at a ridiculously low price. Stockn’Go happens to be my go-to source for all of my favorite products from start to finish.  I never actually realized how many different products I use until I started making this list, below is a recap of my morning ritual and the products that I use.

Of course the first thing I do in the morning is hop in the shower.  I wake up my tired eyes with Clean & Clear Facial Cleaner (the one that has those little beads in it), I love the way it feels on my skin and the slight abrasion really helps me feel awake and refreshed.  After I’ve rubbed the chin, the cheeks, the forehead and even the neck, I move to the body wash.  I alternate between the fresh smell of Irish Spring Bar Soap (which also happens to be one of the few deodorant soaps that I can find) and the moisturizing body wash by Oil of Olay, I love the smell and it makes my skin feel super soft.  I personally like to keep a variety of products available so that my skin and my hair doesn’t get too used to one thing, also, sometimes I want a deep clean and other times I want to moisturize, so it’s good to have options.  Once the face and body are clean I move to my hair.  For hair products I love, love, love Kerastase.  I love the Kerastase Bain Volumactive for deep repair and the Kerastase Nutritive for deep conditioning.  Not to sound like someone from the Style Network, but these products honestly changed my hair from drab to fab.  I have never used a product I was impressed with as much as Kerastase.  Athough the price tag can hurt, it helps to go through Stockn’Go to make it more affordable.   Once I have lathered the conditioner in my hair, which I only apply to the bottom so as not to get the top greasy,  I let it sit for a few minutes while I work on the ever dreaded shaving of the legs.  My weapon of choice is the Venus Razor, which has little pads of soap on each side of the razor – this is very helpful if you run out of shaving cream.  I am sure many people use these pads of soap completely in place of the shaving cream, which I have done many a time, but the best clean cut shave that I ever get is when I use the Venus Razor in combination with a shaving cream such as Skintimate Gel – together they leave the skin silky smooth!!

Now I don’t know if I’m the only one this happens to, but when I get out of the shower I look like an owl with two black eyes.  My mascara never seems to come off, or comes off but settles underneath my eyes.  I think part of me never wants to get too close to my eyes with the soap, so I am left to deal with it later, which is fine I’m used to it by now, it’s just my roommate who gets a shock every time I walk out of the bathroom.   Because of this, my one product I can’t go to a sleepover party without is my Almay Eye Makeup Remover (the oil free kind).  Whether its before I go to bed, when I wake up in the AM, or after I get out of the shower, these little cleaning pads are my “owl eye” savior.   After I wipe the mascara remnants off with my Almay pads, I then swipe under the eye with a Q-tip that I have moisturized with my Oil of Olay Eye Lifting Serum.  To me this is like killing two birds with one stone: I scoop up any remaining remnants of eye makeup that might have been lingering and I also reap the benefits of a cream that smooths, firms and brightens my tired eyes.

In the winter months my skin is so painfully dry, and no one wants to see dead, dry skin, so lotion is a must – all kinds of lotion! On my body I like to use Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion , this is great for both dry weather and in the summer months as well.  On the face I use Jergens Natural Glow, it works as a daily moisturizer but also gives you a buildable tan that looks natural and offers a great healthy looking glow, I use this pretty much every day in the winter.  In the summer months I get a ton of sun and color just from being outside, so I like to supplement those damaging rays to my face with a wrinkle reducing cream such as Oil of Olay Regenerist.  As you might have noticed, I tend to use Oil of Olay for a lot of my products, they always get great reviews, are available at an affordable price AND since they are offered through Stockn’Go on a regular basis, I am able to pick them up at an even lower price.  WIN, WIN!

If I paid full price for all of these products I would have spent $161.12.
Lucky for me I went online to Stockn’Go and only spent $114.87.


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