Summer Activities for Kids

Spending time with your kids doesn’t always mean you have to do something special but its great to have ideas on hand and its nice when you can turn a fun activity for the child into a learning experience.  Each moment you spend with them is a memory.  So make it count!


  • Go for a hike – put together a list of plants, flowers, insects and trees in your area and try to find them along the way
  • Go biking – stop at fun places along the way such as restaurants, fairs, rivers, lakes, or ocean
  • Go camping OR set up a camp in your own back yard!
  • Use Local Harvest.org to find a local farmers market to visit
  • Go strawberry picking and then set up a stand to sell your pickings
  • Hula Hoop – make it a competition as to who can go the longest
  • Play “hot potato” with a medicine ball – great workout


  • Free Story On-Line Story Time at Barnes and Noble
  • Try new restaurants. Make a list of all of the places kids in your area can eat for free using  Kids Eat For.com or Kids Meal Deals.com and create a fun eating out agenda for the summer
  • Start a small business: washing cars, mowing the lawn, washing the neighbors windows, or starting a lemonade stand or selling those strawberries you picked together.
  • Cook together – but instead of making cookies with all that butter and sugar, teach your kid how to make healthy options that they will love.  Great recipes can be found on The Sneaky Chef.com
  • Go to the craft store and find things to paint, draw or put together.  Whatever comes from this activity can be used as a gift for friends or family later on.

Do you have any great ideas your would like to share? Please let us know!



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