Summer Beauty Secrets

For most women, summer means lightening their beauty routine. Giving up on the blush and foundation and opting for a simple bit of bronzer instead. Even though the unbuttoned ease during the warm weather makes it appealing, the warmth may also cause your entire look to ‘melt’. While they may feel great at the time, the sun’s UV rays are responsible for brown spots and wrinkles, but can also make hair and skin look dry. Not to mention that heat and high humidity can do some serious damage to hair color and hair texture. We have some summer-friendly tips that are going to help women look young and gorgeous all season long.

Remember to exfoliate

It is important to remove the dead skin cells more often during the summer season. The reason is that during the summer, these will build up more on the surface of our skin. Regularly removing these dead skin cells ensures that you are left with a radiant, healthy glow. Scrubs from St. Ives not only exfoliate the skin, but also leave it smelling good.

Make sure to have lip balm with SPF

Remember that unlike the rest of our body, our lips do not have a protective outer layer. This makes them especially sensitive to UV rays, leading to dryness and thinning. Make sure that you use lip balm as a base, even if you put on SPF-containing lipstick. ChapStick Ultra has an SPF of 30, which is more than enough to keep your lips safe.

Hydrate your skin after being in the sun

Most people have experienced that ‘dry skin’ feeling after they have been in the sun for a while. Using a good moisturizer on your skin after coming inside and using a damp, warm towel to cover that area of the skin will make sure that your skin remains supple. The heat from the towel will make the ingredients in the moisturizer work even better. Jergens Ultra Healing not only keeps the skin soft, but also contains vital nutrients.

Get a smoother shave

For most women, summer means bikini season, which means busting out the razor. Most women prefer to shave in the shower, but should not do so right away. After entering into the shower, it is a good idea to wait at least three minutes, let the hair shaft become a bit softer thanks to the warm water. This prevents nicking the skin, ensures longer-lasting smoothness, and a closer cut.

Remove smog by using shampoo with baking soda
Because of the increase in temperature, it also means more summertime pollution. This can wreak havoc on hair, especially for women who have longer hair. The free radicals will drain the color and shine from hair rather quickly. To remove this dulling residue, add just a bit of baking soda to the normal shampoo that you use. This does not strip the color from your hair but still rinses out chemicals. It also prevents the discoloration because of salt water and chlorine. You could also opt for Pureology Essen Shampoo, which already has baking soda included.



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