Summer Feet – Pay for Pedicures or Do At Home?

You’re going to be wearing a lot of sandals this summer if you’re like me. It’s just too hot to wear closed in shoes all the time. That’s a problem if you haven’t actually been keeping up with your pedicures. Should you do your own pedicures, or pay someone else to do them?

If you’re going to have someone else do them, there are a few things to keep in mind.

No matter what your manicurist tells you, emery boards can’t be sterilized. If they’re using them on more than one customer, you run the risk of having foot fungus or bacteria transferred to you. Bring your own, or make sure they get a new one out just for you.

Make sure your toenails are clipped using an actual toenail clipper, one with a straight edge. Curved or rounded toenails have a greater tendency to become ingrown. Your toenails should be cut straight across.

Don’t ever cut the calluses on your feet or let anyone else do it. You should soak your feet, and then rub gently with a pumice stone to remove calluses. If you cut them, you run the risk of infection. And it’s very painful!

And speaking of soaking – are the foot baths emptied after each use? If they’re not, do you really want to soak your feet in water that someone else has already used? If they don’t change them after each customer – don’t stick your feet in that water.

Don’t clip your cuticles, or let anyone else do it. Gently push your softened cuticles back with an orange stick or manicure stick with a rubber tip. Cutting your cuticles can cause infections.

Pick a fun, summer color nail polish. Your toes are going to be on show this summer, so why not make them bright and pretty? Just make sure to change the polish once a week. It also doesn’t hurt to leave polish off for a day or two, to let the nail bed breathe.

It’s not hard to give yourself a pedicure, though it is a nice treat to let someone else do. Do you do your own pedicures? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or leave me a message here on the blog.


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