Summer Sun Protection

We all know that our faces need to be protected from the sun. Even our makeup and daily moisturizer has sunscreen in it, nowadays. But did you realize that the skin on your neck and chest is just as vulnerable to sun damage? And did you know that it’s much harder to treat the skin of the neck and chest and erase signs of sun damage? There are fewer oil glands and hair follicles there, and the skin doesn’t regenerate as quickly as the skin on your face. That means it takes longer for signs of sun damage to fade and for skin tone to even out.

Believe it or not, sunbathing can make your cellulite worse. Yes, those thigh bumps can actually look worse in the summer sun. It’s a cruel joke that just when summer comes and you wear less clothing, you can actually make yourself look worse. UVA-induced collagen loss from too much sun not only makes your face wrinkle, it will also make the skin on your body sag. This means cellulite is emphasized.

What can you do to prevent this from happening? Sunscreen for faces is a must, of course. But not only do you need to apply sunscreen to your face daily, you need to apply it to the delicate skin of your neck and chest. Apply also to any other areas exposed to the sun. You don’t want crepey skin on your chest, and you don’t want sunspots or prominent cellulite. Rub on that broad spectrum sunscreen religiously, and make sure you don’t skip any areas.

And as for the cellulite? Regular exfoliation can help stimulate collagen production. That means you need to scrub your skin every day. A pouf is a great exfoliator, and it’s gentle enough to use every day. Daily exfoliation will also keep your skin from looking ‘leathery’. Leathery skin comes when your body tries to protect itself from the sun by thickening. Then your skin dries out. You can prevent this and also plump up your skin by using a moisturizing body wash and following it up with body lotion or moisturizer. Your cellulite will appear smoother, and your skin won’t dry out in the sun. Also, if you use a shimmer moisturizer (one that reflects light), it will make your cellulite appear reduced, even if it’s not.

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