Summertime Manicures

I always change up my nail polish colors and do things a little differently in the summer months. I feel that I want to go with brighter, lighter colors for my summer manicure. I shorten my nails the tiniest bit, make sure I add a top coat for plenty of shine, and use a shiny nail polish that pops. When I’m out in the bright summer sun, I find myself admiring my nails more; do you think that’s because the summer days are longer and brighter, or because I change up the color? I don’t know – and it really doesn’t matter – but I do enjoy choosing new summer nail polish.

My first new one is Rio nail polish by Nailtiques. I love this bubble gum pink color. If I want to be subtle (and I never do!) I go with one coat, and if I want to wow ‘em, (which I do!) I go with two. ;) It’s a fun color with a lot of shimmery shine, and the top coat makes it really glossy. You can practically start fires with the gleam that comes from this color. And as a bonus, it’s a two in one treatment and color that makes your nails stronger and healthier. How great is that? Beautiful color and cover, and it’s good for your nails, too.

I also love Shanghai nail polish by Nailtiques. It’s the same two in one treatment and color that adds protein to your nails and makes them stronger. It’s a beautiful, bright peachy-pink color. Lovely. This is a really vivid color, so I sometime use only one coat. It covers completely, and still gives you that glistening summer color you want.

Do you use different colors on your summer manicure? Do you change it up a little bit and do something different? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or leave me a comment here.


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