Taking Care of Your Teeth

Healthy teeth are integral to keeping good health. The mouth which means the teeth, gums and tongue comprise of our dental health which is important not just for appearance but for our overall well-being. The mouth can also be called the gateway to your body and if you have germs and infections affecting the mouth and its related areas then these are definitely going to affect the rest of your body. There is a close connection between the two, which many are not aware of, so proper dental care and hygiene is very important. The easiest way to prevent problems is by taking care of your teeth constantly.

We are taught to do so from an early age but few of us understand the importance of good teeth and often ignore it till it is too late. Yes, we do brush every morning but there is way more to it than just that. The best part is that taking care of your teeth is easier than think. Let’s see how.

Tips for taking care of your teeth:

Brushing – As mentioned before, brushing is the most important part of teeth care and we all know that. Brushing removes the plaques from the teeth surfaces and the gums, prevents infection from setting in and keeps teeth shining and white. One should brush at least twice a day, morning and night, if not more. Try out Mentadent Advanced White Toothpaste and Aquafresh Advanced White Toothpaste for best results.

Flossing – Regular flossing will keep germs and plaque at bay for a long time. Plaque cannot easily set in between the teeth because flossing prevents exactly that. This is especially handy for areas that you cannot reach with your toothbrush, thereby offering a more 360 degree protection for your teeth. Try out the Oral B Satin Floss Dental Floss Mint and Crest Glide Whitening Floss for easier and more effective flossing.

Mouthwash – Mouthwash has two functions – it helps you rinse out mouth well and keep your breath fresh. They usually have fluoride in them which keeps the teeth enamel strong and functional for a long time and makes taking care of your teeth really easy. Try the Listerine Antiseptic Freshburst Mouthwash or the Scope Mouthwash to get rid of germs faster.

Lifestyle choices – This is a big one and can affect your entire health. What you eat and what goes into your mouth can affect not just your teeth but also your body. Case for one – junk foods. Every time you are snacking on fast foods or junk foods you are ingesting items that are not natural and can severely affect your health. Aerated drinks, foods with preservatives, high sugar content, excess fried stuff – none of that can be good for your teeth. Excessive alcohol intake, smoking and tobacco chewing are especially harmful for the teeth, particularly the last two.

Regular checkups – No matter what you do to keep your teeth healthy, at the end of the day you are not an expert on dental health. So you need expert advice and guidance to do so. Regular visits to your dentist are important to know whether you are taking care of your teeth in the right manner. He or she will also do a thorough check up to gauge if there are any problems so that they could treat it before it can do any damage to the teeth or other areas.


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