Tips for Healthy Cuticles

If your cuticles (the skin immediately around your fingernails) are ragged and dry, the whole look of your manicure can be ruined. My cuticles are prone to dryness and hangnails, and I’ve often bemoaned their very existence. I don’t bite them…anymore…but I fight a constant battle to keep them looking good. For years, I went around looking like I’d been scraping out the dog’s dish with my fingertips, but no more: I’ve found some ways to make sure that my cuticles always look nice.

Moisturize your cuticles.
Even if you put lotion on your hands every day, your cuticles can be dry. They just dry out easier than the rest of the skin on your hands. You need to rub moisturizer into the cuticles themselves, not just your hands. If you’re doing this already and they’re still dry, do it twice. Nailtiques Oil Cuticle Therapy is a good choice for dry cuticles. It moisturizes, seals, and protects your cuticles against dryness.

Only push back your cuticles when they’re wet.
Use an orange stick, rosewood stick, or something non-metal to push them back when you get out of the shower or after soaking them in a bowl of warm water. They’re easier to do that way, and you will protect yourself from tears or cuts.

Don’t cut or bite dry cuticles.
Your cuticles keep your nails protected by keeping out bacteria. If you bite them or cut them, they can’t do this. No matter how much you want to, don’t do it. Your fingers won’t look any better and you might get an infection. Sometimes, however, I get hangnails. So what do I do then?

Trim your hangnails carefully.
If after all this moisturizing you still get a hangnail, cut it carefully. You don’t want to cause any sort of infection. Make sure you use a sharp cuticle cutter and that you’ve disinfected it with alcohol or peroxide. Then, as soon as it’s done, put some sort of antibacterial lotion onto the area.

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