Tips for Healthy Hair

Everyone wants healthy, strong hair. No matter whether you wear it short or long, it’s a symbol of our beauty and our creativity. Wear it up or down, spiked or straight, if our hair is not healthy, it doesn’t look good. These few tips will keep your locks luscious, shiny, and healthy.

Do you wash your hair every day? Unless you have oily skin, you may not need to. Your hair will stay healthier if you can cut back to every other day. Experiment with it and see. You might find that you get less split ends and damage without the greasy locks you’re expecting. Also, no matter what you’ve read, don’t stress your hair with ultra-hot or freezing cold water. Lukewarm water and cool water are better to wet and rinse with. With very hot or very cold, you run the risk of burning your scalp and stressing your hair, making split ends practically a given.

Use the right shampoo for your hair type. If you have fine hair, you don’t want a hydrating shampoo for coarse hair. Just using the right products can reduce hair damage and make your hair beautiful and shiny.

If you heat style, use a product that will protect your hair against thermal damage. I’ll say it again: Use a product that protects your hair against heat damage every time you heat style. It’s worth saying twice.

Deep condition once a week, especially in the colder months. Your hair will thank you with a deeper shine and by becoming stronger. You’ll have less split ends when you use a deep conditioner, and you won’t have nearly as many ‘flyaways’.

If your hair doesn’t look as healthy as you’d like, fake it with a shine serum until you get it in better shape. If you have fine hair, use it sparingly as it can weigh your hair down if you use too much.

What do you do to keep your hair healthy? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or leave me a message here on the blog.


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