Tips on How to Quit Smoking

Did you know that the single most important thing you can do to improve your health is to quit smoking? No wonder it’s always top of the New Year resolutions list!

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and mortality in the world. Every year, over 400,000 American lives are lost to smoking-related diseases, both directly and indirectly. Quitting smoking significantly decreases your risk of suffering a heart attack, lung cancer, heart disease…the list goes on. It’s never too late to stop – even those that quit during middle-age halve their chances of dying from a smoke-related disease.

The health impacts of smoking are well-known – but if that’s not enough to discourage you, think of the other advantages to quitting:

Quitting smoking could save you thousands of dollars per year! Put that money towards something fabulous – a holiday, weekly massages, a whole new wardrobe or even a car?

You will smell nicer! Stinking of stale smoke is not attractive. The smell lingers in your hair, clothes and fingernails for hours afterwards – not to mention your house, if you smoke indoors. Even though you probably won’t notice it, others will.

Food will taste better! Tobacco dulls your sense of taste, but most people find this improves after just a few days of quitting smoking.

Smoking causes premature aging as the skin is starved of oxygen and vital nutrients. The skin becomes wrinkled and takes on a haggard appearance. Just one month after quitting, you will see a visible improvement in the condition of your skin. Give it a boost with a good moisturizer, such as Olay Total Effects, to fight the signs of premature aging.

Replace lost vitality with Hair, Skin & Nails supplements to provide essential nutrients that will improve your appearance. Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth – so use Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste to restore a healthy white sheen and improve your dental health.

Some people find that they snack more when they quit smoking – if you’re worried about gaining weight, chewing sugar-free gum can provide a useful distraction without piling on the calories. If you find yourself drinking more coffee to fill the void that smoking left, try switching to Splenda sweeteners to keep the calories down.

Spring clean your house to remove old smells – it’s surprising how they linger in curtains and soft furnishings. Use Lysol Summer Breeze disinfectant spray to freshen up and destroy stale odors. Throw away old ashtrays, lighters and anything that reminds you of your previous smoking habit. Make a fresh start!

Quitting is not easy and requires plenty of willpower. Set yourself small goals to keep you going – treat yourself to a new lipstick or perfume every time you reach a milestone. As each month passes, you will feel happier and healthier – not to mention richer! Counseling and nicotine replacement products can increase your chances of quitting for good. It may take several attempts but it is worth persevering – so don’t give up on giving up!



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