Tips to Get the Perfect Eyebrows

Even though your eyebrows only compromise a small part of your face, the impact they have on your overall appearance is large. If you need evidence of that just Google ‘celebrities without eyebrows’ sometimes – you will be shocked with just how important our eyebrows are. That is the precise reason that we have these tips for you to make sure that you end up with perfect eyebrows.
  • Tip 1 – Take some time off. If you are tweezing your eyebrows every week, you cannot see the shape and natural growth pattern of your eyebrows. Not only does it make it easier to style your eyebrows when you know your natural pattern, but waiting also means that your hairs all have the same growth cycle. This means that instead of having to tweeze every week because some hairs will grow differently, you can just do it all at once.
  • Tip 2 – A well-lit area You need to be in a well-lit, comfortable space when tweezing your eyebrows. This will help you see the hairs that you would otherwise miss. When you remove the fine hairs that you can see in a well-lit room, you can give your eyebrows a more defined look.
  • Tip 3 – Go with the flow When pulling out hairs, pull in the direction of the hair growth. This helps you prevent injury to the hair follicle or the lid. Pull the skin tight with one hand while tweezing and make sure that you have a solid grip on your tweezers. Make sure that you have sturdy tweezers such as Revlon Expert Tweezers for a better grip. When you go against the grain, the damaged hair follicle may cause discomfort, swelling, or possibly even infection.
  • Tip 4 – Do not pull more than one hair When you are pulling out more than one hair at a time, you may think that you are being efficient. However, it can result in botched eyebrows and can end up looking like a rushed job. Even words, it can cause inflammation and create an unclean tweeze.  If you do find that you get ingrown hairs or bumps while tweezing try a Bump Stopper Treatment on effected areas.  While it is going to take a bit more time, one hair with each tweeze guarantees the best overall results.
  • Tip 5- No extreme close-ups Some people use a magnifying mirror to get extremely up-close-and-personal with their eyebrows. This is not recommended. The reason is that when you cannot see a hair in your ‘normal’ mirror, neither can someone else. Some of these extreme close-ups will lead to mistakes you cannot correct, such as over-tweezing. When focusing exclusively on the tiny hairs, you are not paying attention to shape and symmetry of your face.
  • Tip 6 –Do not go overboard You would not believe how many people need “eyebrow rehab” after they over-tweeze the area. This can make the eyebrows look unnatural and may even make the person seem much older than they really are. The “straight brow” (the arched shape of the eyebrow is completely removed) and the “tadpole brow” (eyebrows that are too thin at the beginning) are just two examples of ‘tweezing gone bad’.
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