Top Foods for Healthy Skin

It is said that the skin is a reflection of our inner health. At times a wonderful skin can be a genetic blessing or the result of many hours spent at the spa. But if there is something wrong with the system no amount of beautification can bring in the desired results. The right balance of diet and exercise keeps the body fit and active which forms a healthy foundation for good skin as well. The right diet is particular important since it is the perfect amalgamation of all nutrients – minerals, vitamins, liquids and antioxidants that will lead to a glowing health skin and a flawless complexion.

If you are wondering how you can possibly remember to always find the right balance, don’t fret. It’s easier than you think. Take a look at the top foods for healthy skin and you will find that most of these can be easily be a part of your daily diet.

Top foods for healthy skin:

Fruits and vegetables – Having fruits every day is an absolute must. They are nature’s best gift to us and come enriched in vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants like beta-carotene, ample latent liquids and essential oils. Avocados, oranges, lemon, banana and mango are particularly great for the skin. One should continue with the natural green food with include leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce and collards to the daily diet as well. Of course, the non-green veggies are also good fighters against all internal ailments which mean bell peppers, cabbage and cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and artichokes are also important to get the necessary vitamins and essential minerals for your skin. Finally, don’t forget the berries which are loaded with anti-oxidants.

Lean meats – Lean meats like chicken and turkey along with fish rank high in the list of the top foods for healthy skin. The Omega 3 fatty acids in fish are great for combating inflammation and beat aging leading to a fresher and younger skin. Try and add salmon mackerel and tuna in your diet from time to time. Low fat meats provide ample proteins and energy without the associated fats which means less fat deposits under the skin leading to a tighter and smoother surface. They are great for combating problems like cellulite as well. If you don’t like them then at least look for lean beef next time you grocery shopping.

Essential liquids – First comes water which acts as a manna for the skin. It flushes out toxins and extra fat from the system leaving it healthy and ailment free. Then it’s milk which has vitamins and essential nutrients to make your skin glow. Next is inclusion of green tea in your diet which is loaded with antioxidants called catechins. These flush out the harmful free radicals from the system and prevent cancer, aging to all kinds of skin eruptions as well.

Seeds and nuts – Switch to healthy snacking habits with seeds and nuts instead of chips and fries. Seeds and nuts provide essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which leads to a healthy system and glowing skin, particularly flaxseeds, walnuts and almonds.

Dark chocolate – This should be easy for all since it doesn’t really count as healthy food. But dark chocolates are loaded with powerful antioxidants called Flavonals which protect the skin from UV rays and keep them healthy and glowing at all times.

Try out these top foods for healthy skin and see the difference in just a few weeks. Make sure you take further care of your skin with lotions and moisturizers so that there is dual protection at all times, internal as well as external. You can browse through to find out which product will suit your skin best.



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