Using a Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Do you wear a daily moisturizer with sunscreen? If you don’t, you should be. Protecting the delicate skin of your face, neck, and chest from the damaging rays of the sun is a must in the fight against aging skin.

When it comes to a daily moisturizer, expensive isn’t always better. A recent study in Consumer Reports studied the effect of face creams, and here is what they had to say.

Consumer Reports magazine recently tested popular face creams to see how well they fought wrinkles.

On Sunday’s “Good Morning America Weekend Edition,” Consumer Reports health editor Ronni Sandroff said that contrary to popular belief, price does not dictate a cream’s power.

“There was no correlation between effectiveness and price,” Sandroff said.

The best advice, the report concluded, is to prevent wrinkles before they begin. Stay out of the sun, and protect your skin while you are there. That means using a daily moisturizer, and using sunscreen religiously.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin is a great alternative to expensive creams that don’t work. It’s one of my favorites. It’s a multi vitamin facial treatment with alpha hydroxy. It softens and smooths rough, uneven skin and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines. It also contains an SPF of 15, to keep the sun from damaging your skin.

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Do you use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen? What is your favorite? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or leave me a comment here on the blog.


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