Using Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair

Even though you might look a little surprised at first, coconut oil has been used to treat hair for thousands of years. All the way from Central to South America, most of Asia, and Africa, people have known about the benefits of coconut oil in hair. Some of the more expensive spas in the country even use it in expensive scalp and hair treatments. You can add strength and shine to all hair types with coconut oil. Now you can use it at home with Root Stimulator Coconut Oil or Coconut Oil from Blue Magic. What benefits can you expect when you use coconut oil for hair health?

Easy to use

One of the great things about coconut oil is how easy it is to use. It is colorless and has a fresh smell. At room temperature, the oil is going to have a solid buttery form. However, once it reaches 77 degrees Fahrenheit it will melt to a clear liquid. You can just use your fingers to let it melt and apply, there is no need to heat it anywhere else.

The proven benefits

In 1999, the effects of coconut oil on prevention of hair damage were studied in Mumbai, India. The study found some interesting results. They found that coconut oil hair broke by the force of the comb, prevented the lifting of the surface cuticle, penetrated water into the hair, and provided a lubricating film…even on chemically altered hair. They found that it could reduce the protein loss for damaged and undamaged hair when used as a grooming product before and after washing the hair.

It serves as a conditioner

Because it has so many different proteins, it can improve the condition of damaged hair, promote healthy hair, and keep your scalp healthy. When it is applied topically, it can help prevent hair loss and hair breakage. If you apply it before you wash your hair, you can ensure that the shampooing process does not strip your hair of its natural oils. This gives you clean hair that still has the necessary oils to remain healthy.

It serves as a moisturizer

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer, which is essential for hair growth. Because coconut oil strengthens the hair, it lessens the chances of damage or breakage. This means your hair can grow much longer and remain healthy. You could use it as a perfect daily moisturizer for your hair. Using coconut oil also allows you to go a little longer between using some of the harsher chemical alternatives.

If you try coconut oil for your hair health, you are going to notice the difference yourself. After trying it for a month, you will never want to go without it again.


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