We Love Snooki

Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) is a member of the reality TV show Jersey Shore currently shown on MTV. The series follows the lives of eight roommates spending their summer at the Jersey Shore. Season 2 followed the cast as they escaped the cold Jersey winter at Miami Beach, and Season 3 returned them to the Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore is currently filming its fourth season in Italy, where Snooki tweeted her thanks to StocknGo for keeping her looking sexy and beautiful.

The New York Times identified Snooki as “the breakout member of the cast” and say that her actions on the show give her a “strange appeal”. We’re not sure about the strange part, but she’s certainly being seen everywhere: She’s made appearances on Cake Boss, the MTV Europe Music Awards, Is She Really Going Out with Him?, and WWE Raw. She was even a guest speaker at Rutgers University!

What items at StocknGo do you think Snooki is using? I’m dying to know.

Rusk Mousse is a terrific hair product, and it’s perfect for her. It gives you maximum volume and control, and it leaves your hair shiny and natural looking. Snooki has great hair; it always looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

How about BioSilk Fruit Cocktail Treatment? When you blow dry your hair or use heat styling, it actually becomes healthier. The silk proteins in the formula are actually activated by heat, and they penetrate the hair shaft. Not only does it improve the condition of your hair, it protects it as well.

With her dramatic coloring, Snooki needs some red nail polish, doesn’t she? One of my favorites is Essie Fish Net Stockings. It’s a spicy dark crème red, and it screams ‘Look at me!’ while you wave your hands around and gesture dramatically. People who wear this color nail polish stand out from the crowd, and it looks great on long nails.

Perhaps it’s a little presumptuous of me to give Snooki beauty advice: I’m not being fresh, I just love to talk about beauty products. I’d love to hear about the brands she uses. What do you think? Give me your opinions on Twitter, facebook, or just leave a comment here on the blog.


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  • I find Jersey Shore to be worthless and not worthy of discussion!

    • We all like different things; I watch Reality TV and turn my brain off for a little while. I find it harmless fun.

  • Way to go, StocknGo! Snooki looks fabulous with the supplies she is getting from here. :)

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