What Does Going Green Mean?

We hear the terms all the time – reduce, reuse, and recycle. But what do they really mean in terms of our everyday life? Here’s a short explanation to help you with some ideas for going green.


This means cutting down on the energy you and your family are using, but that’s not all it means. Buy beauty products in bulk, choose products with less packaging, and do your laundry in cold water. It could also mean planting your own garden, thus reducing the shipping required when you buy vegetables from a store. All these things reduce your energy use, and that helps the environment. Some direct energy consumption tips are turning off lights when you’re not in the room, and turning off your electronics at night. This not only helps your energy use – it helps your wallet. Using less energy means using less money.


This means that you should try to make the most out of everything you already have before you even think about buying more things. Often, things are thrown out without thinking about it, when you can re-use it or re-purpose it. Take that old t-shirt and cut it up into cleaning rags. (Those are great for cleaning windows or mirrors, by the way. No fuzz or lint, and they get the glass clean and shiny.) Reuse the bag that your online order came in to line a garbage can. Refill that water bottle from the tap. Wash that small plastic container and pack your lunch in it. There are hundreds of things you can do, every day, to re-use and the most of everything you already have. The bonus to this is that – again – you’ll save money in the process.


Instead of leaving it to decompose or clog our landfills, recycle. Reduce the number of items you send to the landfill. This can mean composting kitchen scraps, saving your soda pop cans, or placing broken glass items into the recycle bins your city provides. Check and see what your city recycles; if there is no recycling program available, check to see if there are businesses who buy scrap metals (such as aluminum). Not only will they take soda pop cans, they will pay you for them, as well.

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