What Makes You Beautiful?

I read What Makes a Face Beautiful recently, and was surprised. Did you know that facial symmetry is a factor in beauty to our brains? To our brains, beauty has more to do with perceived good health than it has to do with aesthetics.

Beauty is also socially influenced. In simple terms, if we like someone or are close to them, that means we perceive them as more beautiful. Our spouses, daughters, and other loved ones are all more beautiful in our eyes. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone. :)

Another thing that didn’t surprise me about this article – ‘A luminous, unblemished complexion is another factor in attractiveness… There are mainly two reasons for that: Flawless skin indicates good health and youth.’

Finally, something I can work on! I’m not able to change my genetics, but I can better (and maintain) my complexion. It’s often the first thing I notice about someone – their skin. Is it smooth and unblemished? Do they have dry skin, or does it look moist and well taken care of?

That’s not to say that a few little fine lines around the eyes make you less attractive. In my opinion, a laugh line or two just makes you more beautiful. (Of course, I might think that because I’ve got one…or two or twenty.)

How do you keep you skin looking flawless? There are three simple steps.

  • Exfoliate.
  • When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells that can make your complexion look muddy. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser, and do it every other day. Three or four times a week is plenty, unless you have dry skin. If your skin is dry, you might want to cut that back to one or two times a week.

  • Moisturize.
  • Moisturize daily, and start when you’re young. If you’re no longer young, it’s not too late. A daily moisturizer is a must, and it can undo years of damage. Just start now, and keep using it.

  • Protect.
  • Protect your face (and your body) with sunscreen. The sun is your complexion’s enemy – and I’m not overstating. Look at the skin on the inside of your upper arm. See how smooth and soft it is? That’s because the sun never touches it. Use sunscreen and protect your face from UV damage. Laugh lines are great – sun discoloration and dryness, not so much.

Beauty is subjective. I find that when I feel beautiful, people perceive me as beautiful. To me, beauty has more to do with the inner woman than the outer woman. What do you consider beautiful? Has your opinion on beauty changed and evolved over the years? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or let me know here on the blog.


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