Why You Should Stock Up On Health and Beauty Products

Our new ‘Buy the Case’ program at Stockn’Go isn’t just for salons or small businesses. If you have a large family, or room mates, stocking up can be a very good idea. If you’re thinking of stocking up on health or beauty products, there are some great reasons to do so.

Great reasons to use ‘Buy the Case’ at Stockn’Go:

You can significant amounts of money when you buy in bulk. This, of course, is the number one reason. Who doesn’t want to save money?
You won’t run out of products that you / your family / your roommates use frequently. No more mad dashes to the store to buy that item you need.
No minimums.
Free shipping.
Lowest prices on the internet, guaranteed. With our Price Beat Guarantee, you’re assured you’ll get the best price, always. You’ll save money even if you’ve already spent it. If you’ve recently shopped with us and find the identical “PriceBeat Eligible” product for a lower price on another website, we’ll pay you back the price difference, plus an extra 5% of that difference.

Make sure that you make a smart choice when you’re stocking up. You’re not really saving money if you buy products that aren’t going to be used. Think about the purchase, and make sure that you’re making the right decision. These are some of the questions to ask yourself when thinking of stocking up on health or beauty products:

How many people are going to use this product?
Do I/we use this product daily or frequently?
Will the product degrade even if it’s not opened?
Is it easy to store this product?
Do I have some of this product at home already, unopened?

If you’re still sure you’re making the right decision, go for it! You’ll save money, and you’ll even be helping the environment. Less trips out to buy products or to have them shipped = less fuel used. Buying in bulk means green.

Do you stock up on certain items? Which ones? Let me know on twitter, Facebook, or leave me a comment here on the blog.


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