Why You Should Use a Top Coat & Base Coat on Your Nails

Ever wonder why your nail polish stays so much longer when you get it done at a salon rather than doing it yourself at home? It’s because nail salons (most of them) take their time filing, priming, and applying base coat, polish and top coat, with sufficient amount of time to dry in between.  All of these things are important, but the most important are the application of the base and top coat. What the difference between the two? The base coat is a clear, sort of adhesive product that is brushed onto nails before the application of nail polish, its purpose is to hold the nail polish to the nail. The top coat, on the other hand, is typically applied on top of the polished nail as a way of sealing in the color, giving it shine and strengthening the nail.

Why not give yourself a manicure at home that will last more than 2 days? If you implement a base coat and top coat into your routine your polish can last up to 7 days! Below are the simple steps required to get a long lasting manicure:

1. File your nails to desired shape and buff the nail bed to give them a more smooth finished look.

2. Once you have filed and (cut cuticles if needed), wipe each nail with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover.  This will remove any excess oils and dust from the bed of your nails and help the polish stick to your nail bed.

3. Apply base coat – base coats should dry quickly with a matted, dull look.  Most good quality base coats contain protein, aloe Vera, vitamin e, and/or calcium. These nutrients replenish brittle, dry nails and  prevents breakage, splitting and peeling.  Base coats also prevent nail polish from staining the nails and create a sticky adhesive base for the nail polish to “hold” onto.

4. Apply 2 coats of desired color nail polish.  Allow each polish coat to dry sufficiently.  If you see bubbles in your polish then that is a sign that you did not allow enough time to dry. After applying a second coat of nail polish, skim the brush across the top of your nail tip to prevent chipping.

5. Apply top coat – top coats should dry shiny and smooth and take longer to dry.  Top coats act as a protective barrier, they prevent nail polish from fading and chipping and give you a long lasting shine. To make your nail polish last longer, apply a layer of top coat every day.

If a few days go by and you see the nails start to chip, place some nail polish remover on your finger tip and gentle rub over the nail polish chip to make smooth. Then reapply polish.


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