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Playtex Gentle Glide Fresh Scent Multi-Pack Plastic Tampons 18 Regular 18 Super Absorbency, 36 Tam

Gentle Glide Fresh Scent Multi-Pack Plastic Tampons 18 Regular 18 Super Absorbency, 36 Tam

Your Price: $11.38 (You will save 23%)
# Items Retail Price Your Price % Saved
1 item $14.79 $ 11.38 23%
6 items (1/2 dozen) $88.74 $ 66.91 ($ 11.15/item) 25%
12 items (1 dozen) $177.48 $ 129.73 ($ 10.81/item) 27%
Pieces Quantity
# Items Retail Price Your Price % Saved
Full Case (12 pieces) $177.48 $ 105.00 ($ 8.75/item) 41%
Case Quantity
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Women have enough to deal with when they have their period, Playtex Gentle Guide Fresh Scent Multi-Pack Tampons have you covered with 360 degree Protection. Redesigned with 3 layers for extra protection, a comfort shape plastic applicator and the convenience of multiple absorbencies in one package. Playtex Gentle Guide Multi-Pack comes with 18 Regular absorbancy and 18 Super absorbancy tampons with a light fresh scent to have you ready for any flow.
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Love + Halo Lilac Leopard Hair Dryer
Love + Halo 

Lilac Leopard Hair Dryer

$142.79 $76.97
You will save 46%

CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion Non-Comedogenic, 8oz

Renewing SA Lotion Non-Comedogenic

$16.29 $12.53
You will save 23%

Halls Mentho-Lyptus Drops, 30 count

Mentho-Lyptus Drops
30 count

$114.56 $91.64
You will save 20%

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No Nonsense | No Nonsense Sheer Panty Hose Size B Nude
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No Nonsense | No Nonsense Pantyhose Sheer to Waist Sheer Toe Size B Tan
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Ronson | Ronson Glosstek protectant 12oz

Glosstek protectant 12oz

$65.11 $26.25
You will save 60%

No Nonsense | No Nonsense Control Top Pantyhose
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Control Top Pantyhose

$199.51 $158.80
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Always | Always Ultra Absorbency with Wings, 18 Maxi Pads

Ultra Absorbency with Wings
18 Maxi Pads

$66.99 $51.94
You will save 22%

Always | Always Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings, 28 Maxi Pads

Ultra Thin Overnight with Wings
28 Maxi Pads

$73.39 $50.26
You will save 32%

Playtex | Playtex Regular Tampons, 18 Tampons

Regular Tampons
18 Tampons

$97.23 $61.40
You will save 37%

Playtex | Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons Super, Scented, 18 Tampons

Gentle Glide Tampons Super
18 Tampons

$103.19 $63.48
You will save 38%

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Playtex Gentle Glide Fresh Scent Multi-Pack Plastic Tampons 18 Regular 18 Super Absorbency, 36 Tam
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